From traditional engineering to the future you wish

We work in city planning and civil engineering branch from more than 15 years.
 During this time, we have combined technical skills and professional drive, by converting our core business from the coordination of site engineering to the Management of great projects, that need Control activities.

We develop activities that involve Real Estate in its complexity: we design, we build, we work to give more value to the existing buildings, we propose solutions for energy saving and we bet on renewable energy. Our respect for environment and our attitude for searching alternative solutions have always been a fundamental point of our philosophy.

We perfectly know all the dynamics of construction sites and, thanks to the practice acquired in architectural, structural and plant design, we can now set up as EPCM – Engineering Procurement & Construction Management, giving Customers a total project service, that is all engineering (design, work direction, tests), procurement, site coordination and commissioning.

A story of commitment and values

PROGECA was born from an idea of two young professionals, that in 2002 open their first office in San Giusto Canavese, with their first three employees.

In a few years, the Company grows up, it gets strong and solid, works increase, services diversify: architectural, structural and plant design, city planning, site direction, site management, safety coordination are just some of our activities.

Soon, the little office in San Giusto was no more enough and Progeca moved in the new headquarter in Caluso, where nowadays the team is composed by 15 professionals, in addition to the 4 colleagues in Milano office.

People, not only resources

We believe in people, who represent the heart of our Company. Women and Men in Progeca have varied and complementary professionalism, and this characteristic has made possible a diversification and optimization of services and a high profile consulting partnership, able to support every kind of Customer, both Public and Private.

Thanks to our team relations we build with Customers get stronger and stronger, based on trust and on the certainty of clear results: that’s one of the reasons why our Customers recommend us to others!

All of us put effort, energy and intelligence in our work. And we do it with passion!